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1" Pro PVC Ball Valve 24V AC/DC
  • 1" Pro PVC Ball Valve 24V AC/DC

    SKU: IC-100NC-24V
    • Built-In Unions for Easy Valve Removal or Replacement

    • Built-In Allen Wrench to Manually Open or Close the Valve

    • Adjustable from Normally Closed to Normally Open

    • Anti-Stick / Self-Cleaning Valve​​

    • Full Port Ball Valve, No Flow Restriction 

    • Auto Return Capacitor

    • Corrosion Resistant PVC Internals 

    • Tested to 70,000 Cycles 

    • 24V AC/DC ​

    • EPDM Seals

    • IP67 Rated

    • 2-Way Valve

    • 19.6" Cable


    Download User Manual




    When gluing the socket fittings be sure not to use excessive amounts of glue or primer. Over-gluing the socket will push glue into the valve and weld the union/ball closed. Primer or glue on the internal ball of the valve will void warranty.


    We recommend removing the valve from the socket end and gluing the socket and union lock ring to the pipe prior to installation of the valve.


    Valves need a minimum runtime of 30 seconds in order to charge the return capacitor. Failure to do so will result in the valve not fulling closing.


    Required amperage to open valve is 1.0 Amp at 24VAC/24VDC. Voltage will drop and stabilize at ~0.2 Amps after the ball has fully opened.


    Not compatible with Trolmaster OA6-24 control module. When using Trolmaster, use the OAT-24 control module with the Aqua-X Pro.


    Please see our Warranty page for full warranty details. 


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