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1 1/4" Pro PVC Ball Valve 24V AC/DC

SKU: IC-125NC-24V​

  • Built-In Unions for Easy Valve Removal or Replacement

  • Built-In Allen Wrench to Manually Open or Close the Valve

  • Adjustable from Normally Closed to Normally Open

  • Anti-Stick / Self-Cleaning Valve​​

  • Full Port Ball Valve, No Flow Restriction 

  • Auto Return Capacitor

  • Corrosion Resistant PVC Internals 

  • Tested to 70,000 Cycles 

  • 24V AC/DC

  • IP67 Rated

  • 2-Way Valve

  • 19.6" Cable


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Important Installation Notes

  • When gluing the socket fittings be sure not to use excessive amounts of glue or primer. Over-gluing the socket will push glue into the valve and weld the union/ball closed. Primer or glue on the internal ball of the valve will void warranty.

  • We recommend removing the valve from the socket end and gluing the socket and union lock ring to the pipe prior to installation of the valve.

  • Valves need a minimum runtime of 30 seconds in order to charge the return capacitor. Failure to do so will result in the valve not fulling closing.

  • Required amperage to open valve is 1.0 Amp at 24VAC/24VDC. Voltage will drop and stabilize at ~0.2 Amps after the ball has fully opened.

  • Please see our Warranty page for full warranty details. 

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